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"Because MENTAL HEALTH is important"

Be part of & support a mental health project which aims to give free access to the unprivileged youth.
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Total donations received to date:
1,579,754 Baht
which has enabled students to receive over
3,361 free therapy sessions

Wall of Sharing

“Wall of Sharing” is a project in cooperation between OOCA and the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Rajanagarindra Institute (CAMRI) so that students can use online services via OOCA Application to get free access to online video calls with Thailand’s largest network of psychiatrists and psychologists. This helps public university students get help and solve mental health problems correctly and properly.

Every 100,000 Baht of donations
Unlocks 1 educational institution 

OOCA provides free-of-charge mental health services to students in public educational institutions under agreements and cooperation with OOCA. At present, participating universities include Suranaree University of Technology; and when receiving additional 100,000 Baht of donation, OOCA will subsequently provide counseling services to other public universities.


In modern society, mental health problems tend to increase every year. According to overseas statistics and Thailand’s statistics from the National Statistical Office in 2013, it is found that a population group of over 7 million people aged 18 years old and above has mental health problems including depression, anxiety and drug use. Meanwhile, the number of mental health personnel is inadequate for the needs of the population and the minimum expense required for receiving mental health services in hospitals is quite high.

7 million people Aged 18 years oldand above have mental health problems
Depression, Anxietyand Drug Use
The number of mental health personnelis inadequate for the population
15,000 Baht/person The minimum expensesfor receiving mental health services in hospitals


Wall of Sharing is a project driven by over 25 volunteers responsible for taking care of and providing mental health services to students in public institutions. The majority of the volunteers are students who are interested in the issue of mental health and eager to learn and work in this field. You can also take part by supporting the “Wall of Sharing” team of volunteers via donations for conducting mental health awareness activities and for the development of a team that would work to grow “Wall of Sharing”.

Donations to the project shall be partly used in the volunteers’ activities.

เป้าหมาย 50,000 คน


WoSup Project

“WoSup Project” was initiated to increase the efficiency of public relations of “Wall of Sharing” Project. At present, there are 3 universities in the network including Chulalongkorn University, Thammasat University and Srinakharinwirot University

How it works


Donate 470 baht

To pay for 1 mental health session via Ooca to a person that requires psychiatric counselling.


Send a support message

The donor will have the opportunity to write a support message for the person that is getting the psychiatric counseling.


Receive counselling via ooca

The person that is seeking psychiatric counselling will receive a free counselling session via Ooca.


Message of appreciation by the recipient to the donor

The person receiving the psychiatric counselling may send a thank you note to the donor.

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ooca : wall of sharing

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