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Your scholarship support to save students from dropping out of school (Year 2)

EDF Foundation is collaborating once again with to raise funds to help 150 underprivileged lower secondary students (Grade 8 or Grade 9) from dropping out of school in the upcoming academic year 2023. These students from small schools in the northeast region of Thailand applied for scholarships with EDF Foundation for the academic year 2022 but did not get the scholarships due to the shortfall in donations. Each of them just need a scholarship support worth 2,000 baht each, an amount that could well decide their future. Please forward your donation by 30 June 2023.

Duration 1 Macrch - 30 JUne 2023 Area Northeast of Thailand

Current donation amount

12,898 THB


412,500 THB
ดำเนินการไปแล้ว 3%
93 days left จำนวนผู้บริจาค 40

Problems and solutions

During the 2022 academic year from 1 March-31 July 2022, EDF Foundation was able to raise funds through to provide scholarships to 151 Grade 8 and Grade 9 needy students who have never received scholarships from the foundation. 
EDF Foundation has teamed up again with platform to raise scholarship funds for 150 students at 2,000 baht each. The scholarship covers school supplies expenses and school uniforms. This will help them focus on studying without the risk of dropping out from schools.
In 2021 academic year, the Ministry of Education revealed that there were more than 238,000 students across Thailand who dropped out of educational system. It is likely that the data will increase in the coming academic years due to economic situation and inequality in educational opportunities. 
Although there is a “free education policy” to help support underprivileged students nationwide, the deep level of "poverty" affecting many children living in remote area is just too much to overcome. This is made worse by the "special education fees" that a school charges for some subjects. This happens due to the large disparities of budgets allocated to urban and rural schools, which in effect prompted schools to pass on to parents to make up for the budget shortfall in the form of a “tuition fee”.
For families with enough means the difficulties will be manageable but for many families in the remote rural areas, who are already suffering from extreme lack of income opportunities, any additional burden will be unbearable. This, in a way, will prevent the country from tapping into all potential human resources for nation building simply because the poorest of the poor are getting excluded in the process.
To prevent dropping out, EDF Foundation believes that building the understanding between students and families to realize an importance of the education plus cooperation with local authorities in monitoring risk factors such as gambling and drugs that may lead students to lose educational interest and proper educational institutions’ management system are vital. Providing scholarships to needy students from poor family or whose parents are separated and live with the elderly who have no income is one way to help prevent students from dropping out and make them return to the educational system. 
EDF started the scholarship program for underprivileged children in 1988 in Udon Thani province as a pilot project. Forty-one students received the scholarships in the first year of operation. Currently, EDF has been providing scholarships — with the generous and good-hearted support from Thais and foreigners living in Thailand and abroad — to more than 400,000 underprivileged students in 5,600 schools covering 61 provinces nationwide.

Case studies (summaries) of needy students looking for scholarships

Ms. Jirarat, Ban Nonedoo School, Srisaket province

Applying for scholarship for lower secondary school (Grade 8)

My mother passed away and my father remarried. Our house is located in the rice field far from the main village. I and my two younger brothers live with my grandparents who take care of us. My grandmother is the sole breadwinner who earns money by looking for bamboo shoots and mushrooms and sell them. My school daily allowance is only 10 baht a day and is just enough to buy lunch. After school, I help my grandparents with the household chores. I wish to get a scholarship to pay for my education and to buy food.

Mr. Thanakrit

Applying for scholarship for lower secondary school (Grade 8)

There are four people in the family: my grandfather, grandmother, younger brother and me. My parents work in Bangkok and rarely send us money. My father has many expenses but only receives a monthly salary of 8,000 baht. My grandparents are almost in their 70s could barely work. They get 600 baht each from monthly government pensions. We rarely have money to purchase milk for my younger brother, pay for my education and pay for our daily meals. At home, I help in everything, including taking care of my 4-year old younger brother. I ride a bicycle to school but the bike is too old and almost breaks down. Some villagers give us some rice, of which we are very thankful. I would like to have a scholarship to support my education and buy milk for my younger brother. 

Ms. Rujirat, Buakaew Witthayakhom, Khonkaen province 

Applying for scholarship for lower secondary school (Grade 8)

My family comprises my parents, younger sister and myself. My parents work tapping rubber earning barely enough. The work is hard but they still have to work even harder to pay off debts they had incurred during very bad times. I want my parents to have a bit more rest so I help with household chores on weekends. I am aware of poverty and hardship as I face them every day. I promise to study hard for a better future and take good care of my parents. If I am granted a scholarship, I promise to make the best use of it.

Project Implementation Process

April - May 2023: EDF accepts applications of students, who look for scholarships from schools and evaluate the submission based on photos taken at their houses plus information of their families.

The selection criteria includes:
1) Students must be in the lower secondary school level.
2) From a poor family with an annual income lower than 50,000-70,000 baht.
3) Parents are not government officials, state enterprise employees, local state employees or permanent employees.
4) Students show keen interested in studying, well-behave, responsible in doing their duties and contribute to the society. Academic grade is not considered for scholarships’ approval.

June 2023: End of fundraising period for academic year 2023.
July-August 2023: Scholarship fund is transferred to students. Teachers in charge of EDF scholarship program from all schools submit a copy of the students’ bank account deposit page to the foundation as evidence of the transaction.
September-October 2023: EDF sends students’ scholarship reports to donors.

Project person in charge:

Mr. Anuchat Khongma, EDF Fundraising Department


Budget plan

Details amount Total (Baht)
1 Scholarship to student  (2,000 baht per head) 150  300,000.00
2 Administration cost (500 baht per head)
Random survey to check, follow up and evaluate qualifications of students who submitted the applications including accommodation and travel expenses. 
Communication expenses (documentaries, phone calls and postal mail).
Working personnel to manage the project and other related supplies such as bank service fees for transferring scholarship funds to students' accounts.

150 75,000.00
taejai's fee (10%)


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Your scholarship support to save students from dropping out of school (Year 2)

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