Get a box, Give a Meal Project

Support Scholars of Sustenance Foundation in delivering surplus food to the community together with Heap Brand, by purchasing HEAP items at, which contributes a portion of the proceeds to meal support with SOS Thailand Foundation. Alternatively, DONATE NOW! It is undeniable that social inequality exists in Thailand and many are living in poverty, struggling to afford food and good well-being. On the other hand, tons of edible food are thrown away every day, instead of being redirected to those in need. Furthermore, the problem with the waste management system in Thailand results in this surplus food being thrown into landfills causing pollution that contributes to global warming. These factors impact the quality of life of people in the community and have severe environmental consequences. The Scholars of Sustenance, Thailand is a food rescue foundation that rescues and serves surplus food to communities in need. At HEAP, our community is our family, and we want to do more than just support local businesses, we want to sustainably improve their quality of life! That’s why we are continuously donating part of our profit towards supporting our partner foundation in combating these issues. We are determined to improve the quality of life of Thai communities, along with our core activity of supporting local businesses; we strive to do more for our community. Therefore, we partner with the Scholars of Sustenance Foundation, Thailand to sustainably combat food waste. We donate part of our profit to support meals for those in need, and to reduce food waste in Thailand. We are continuously contributing to making a big impact!
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