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Ashoka’s Giving Circle

Identifying social innovations and equipping young people with changemaking skill.

ระยะเวลาโครงการ 1 year พื้นที่ดำเนินโครงการ Thailand


140,790 บาท


480,000 บาท
ดำเนินการไปแล้ว 29%
จำนวนผู้บริจาค 18


Ashoka envisions a world in which everyone is a changemaker: A world where we are all empowered to contributions to positive change. Ashoka is a global network addressing the world’s most pressing problems by convening and supporting groups of changemakers. We identify and accelerate social innovations when we find it. Ashoka supports an "Everyone a Changemaker" world through its programs in more than 90 countries, building and amplifying this global movement in three stages:

Ashoka Thailand has been operating since 1989 and has helped accelerate the work of 108 social entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellows) through Ashoka Fellowship programs. 90% of fellows have indicated that Ashoka’s financial support has allowed them to fully commit to their idea and impact. 86% of fellows have stated that Ashoka has helped them see their work at a systemic-change level and 84% have said that Ashoka helped increase their impact. Ashoka has also bridged resources, both financial and partners, for fellows in scaling up their work through multiple programs and collaborations such as Na-Lak-Pa (นาแลกป่า) Project in Nan province,, Trawell, Local Alike community-based tourism management, Grassroot Innovation Network, Social Innovation for poverty alleviation in 3 southernmost provinces, Buddy Homecare, etc...

The targets for Ashoka Thailand for the next year are;

  1. Find social innovations/social entrepreneurs with systemic impact that address Thailand’s most pressing issues in waste/pollution and poverty/inequality.
  2. Designs holistic strategies and experiential youth engagements that insert changemaking into the cultures of companies, schools and universities, and youth organizations.
  3. Build a network of Ashoka Young Changemakers in Thailand: network of young people who have found their power to create change for the good of all.

We are looking for passionate individual to become “Ashoka Giving Circle” member. These are individuals who share Ashoka’s vision in supporting social entrepreneurs and mobilize national community that embraces the new frameworks to build “Everyone a Changemaker” world. Engage with us and embark on a personal transformative journey in being a part of the community fostering for social change.

By becoming a member of Ashoka Giving Circle, you will;

  1. Receive news and updates from Ashoka Thailand about the field of social entrepreneurship and changemaking.
  2. Engage in dialogues with local changemakers, partners, and Ashoka staffs about social innovation with systemic impact that are changing people’s life.
  3. Have the opportunity to utilize your skills in realizing Ashoka’s vision of “Everyone a Changemaker”.


Varistha Nakornthap – Program Director, Venture and Fellowship

Ashoka Thailand Foundation



Detail Amount (Baht)
Support finding social innovations with systemic impact and designs holistic strategies for experiential youth become Ashoka Young Changemakers in Thailand (Included Taejai Fee 10%)480,000