project สัตว์

Wheelchair for disabled pets (dogs and cats)

Be part of the fund raising to build 1,000 wheelchair for disable animals.

Duration 1 ปี Area Thailand

Current donation amount

312,175 THB


300,000 THB
ดำเนินการไปแล้ว 104%
จำนวนผู้บริจาค 473


With support from Kru Mon’s project, more than 1,700 disabled dogs and cats are able to walk again. But more than 1,300 animals are waiting for their new lives!

Kru Mon works as a trainer at a sport club of one company and is also contributing this time to volunteer at a hospital. Another important role which Kru Mon is doing together with 3 other friends is hand-making wheelchair for disabled dogs and cats for free of charge.

They dedicate their weekends to relieve pain of poor animals. They have received about 3,000 request for the wheelchairs. Each week they can build around 30-40 units. About 1,700 units have been built and 1,300 units are under production process.

Easy-to-find materials used to build pet’s wheelchair:

PVC pipe

Plastic wheels



Transparent hose

Tube insulation (commonly used as air-conditioner’s part) 

Production include delivery cost is 500 baht per unit.

How can one ask for free pet-wheelchair? What is the process?

Send a video or photos of the pet (dog or cat) to Kru Mon’s LINE ID ครูมล or telephone number: 0955386076. The team will estimate the pet’s size (S/M/L) and produce it accordingly to the need before delivering it successfully to the pet’s owner.

The team is also accepting donation of cartons (size 17cm x 22cm x 40cm) for postal delivery of the wheelchair.

To send the cartons, please use this following address: To: Mr. Wimon Tabthani ICC INTERNATIONAL PLC. 530 Soi 58 Sathupradit Road Bangpongpang Yannawa Bangkok, 10210


Budget plan

Items UnitTotal amount (Baht
Pet’s wheelchair (500 baht per unit)600 300,000

(The total amount is inclusive of Taejai’s management fee of  10 %)