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Help rescue and rehome with PAWS

Donate to help stray cats and injured cats. All donation goes to treatment, care, food, and to find their new homes for safe and healthy life.

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Following the number of people who abandon their pets at temples or on the street in order to remove the burden of taking care of them, including those who have physically or mentally abused their pets (actions that are all considered inhumane), the government implemented legislative animal protection acts, to prevent animal cruelty and to provide animal welfare rights. Even though this legislation was made with the intent of help to control and reduce these incidences, the problem of animal abandonment still persists.

PAWS is a charity based in Bangkok founded in 2012 by Amy Baron. They aim to help people in society turn to look after their pets well because every life has value. Currently, they have over 50 cats in their care. Most of the animals they take in require specialist care, as there are many cases of disability and brain injuries. They also rescue rabbits and guinea pigs.

The team at PAWS works hard to help cats in order to ensure that all of the animals they rescue are treated to the best of their ability and given the care that they deserve. PAWS is asking for donations to help cover the costs of rescuing and treating as many stray cats as possible.

The working process:

  1. Taking care of cats, vaccination for disease, neutering, and surgery and rehabilitation for injured cats
  2. Buy food and toys for cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.


Patrapee Praesrinoul     E-mail:
Sophia Andrews             E-mail:
Thippharat Wu                E-mail:
Wongthan Boonwatcharapai E-mail:



Budget plan

1. Rabies vaccinaton, flea and tick treatment, antibiotic, and sterilization for cats20,000
2. Food and pet supplies for cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs10,000
3. Taejai operation fee 10%
(Online system, bank fee, payment gateway, funding project selection method, verification, tracking, evaluation, and progress report)

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Help rescue and rehome with PAWS

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