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Steps with Theera Impact Campus

Steps with Theera is a vocational training centre that supports people with disabilities such as those who have autism, down syndrome, or ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)to attain qualifications, sustainable employment, and opportunity to contribute to the society and have a fulfilling and dignified life. The new “Impact Campus” project on Sukhumvit 71 will enable us to have 5 inclusive social enterprise business models which in turn provide training and employment opportunities for triple the number of trainees we currently work with. The project is estimated to provide service to at least 50-75 trainees at a time and to allow unlimited number of people in the society to come, interact, and learn about people who are different but not less than us.

Duration 7 months Area bangkok

Current donation amount

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550,000 THB
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To create a safe space for everyone to be themselves. To provide learning opportunity and create equal employment opportunity for people with disabilities. In Thailand, there are approximately 800,000 people with disabilities in working age. 500,000 of them are willing and able to work but not employed. Our mission is to provide “steps to independence, steps to employment, steps to equality”.

This project will provide facilities as well as life-skill and work-skill programs for people with disabilities from all backgrounds. It will be a space to showcase their capacity and to bring society and community of people with disabilities together. The project will be sustainable from different sources of income including income from providing products and services in the coffee shop space and other businesses such as car wash and hairdresser, as well as income from tuition fee paid by trainee family and donors who support scholarships for trainees from disadvantaged background through Steps foundation.

Many of Steps trainees have skills that are suited to office based work so we are creating a space that maximises their potential. We will have a quiet zone for trainees who prefer a calm, theraputic space, sensory tools such as a swing, yoga ball, and calm down box, dimmable lighting, and flexible furniture.

Our trainees receive work outsourced from companies who need their HR and Accounting documents digitalised and stored on their servers. We create a task force where each trainee can add value by bringing their skill set such as filing, scanning, uploading to the computer/server, and reorganising the files. Each person has a skill that is needed to complete the work. We also have trainees responsible for creating social media content and newsletters, keeping our website up to date, preparing withholding tax receipts, completing data entry, and offering tech support.

As this is often the first time our community has had to work, we see a very quick transformation in their self-esteem and happiness. They arrive dressed professionally each day and clock in before the visual work schedule is set up for the day and the job coach supports them to work independently or as a team when necessary.

Children and Adolescent

Children and adolescent from main-stream schools in Bangkok are welcomed to join Steps run workshops that will allow them to interact and learn more about other people who are different. Coffee shop will also provide an inclusive safe space (indoor and outdoor) for children to play when coming with their family. Expected number of beneficiary : 500 children/ year

General Public

Everyone can come to visit, buy a product, or use service provided by social businesses or for profit businesses within the project. They can learn from this that people with disabilities are able to work and being an inclusive employer or company can be beneficial for your business. Expected number of beneficiary : 8,000 customers/ year

People with disability/ people from a disadvantaged background

The project will provide life-skill and work-skill programs for people with disabilities from all backgrounds. People with disabilities from underpriviledged background will be financially supported by Steps foundation. Expected number of beneficiary : 80-100 trainees/ year


The project will allow Steps to employ more job coaches and therapists who are able to provide training to teachers from mainstream schools in Bangkok on how to adjust the teaching/ curriculum to accommodate all types of students, with different skills and interests. Expected number of beneficiary : 20-40 teachers/ year

Project benefits

  1. The project will be a universal design space that creates training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities, as well as access to the community
  2. It will be a community space which promotes equality by educating local community and modelling inclusion
  3. The project aims to have 5 inclusive social enterprise businesses and space for NGOs, Social Enterprises, or companies working towards similar goals
  4. The bigger space of the new site will enable us to cater to a larger number of trainees with more vocational program varieties to support different needs of each person with disability

Project owner

Steps with Theera 


  • Max Simpson : CEO and Founder of Steps with Theera :
  • Uang Theeta  : Director and Founder of Steps with Theera


This is the list of partner companies and organisations that 1) purchase Steps’s products and services which in turn create work for Steps trainees 2) provide knowledge and vocational training to Steps trainees or 3) employ Steps graduates to work in their companies/ organisations :

  1. St. Andrews International School
  2. NIST International School
  3. Berkeley International School
  4.  El Mercado
  5. The Commons
  6. Broccoli Revolution
  7. Attic Studios
  8. Hyatt Regency Sukhumvit
  9. Rembrandt Hotel www.rembrandtbkk,com
  10. RMA Group
  11. Patom Organic Living


  • Those who donate more than 1,000 Bht will receive one pack of energy balls made by Steps trainees (to be picked up at Steps with Theera, Ekamai 10)
  • Those who donate more than 5,000 Bht will receive 15% discount when dining at Steps with Theera (Ekamai 10) or Theera (Sukhumvit 42)
  • Those who donate more than 10,000 Bht will receive Steps hamper designed by Steps trainees (to be picked up at Steps with Theera, Ekamai 10 or sent to their addresses)

Budget plan

1.Replace the flooring to reduce noise (590 Bht x 180 sqm.) 106,200

2.Replace the lighting system to be sensory friendly 

3.Add doors and windows to the break out/quiet zone space 37,600 
4.Add and install aircon units (x3) 119,400 
5.Outdoor spaces for planting/ gardening 62,000 
6.Office and educational supplies 85,200 
7.Taejai administration fee 50,000

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