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Employment for Neurodivergents in digital document manager and coffee shop positions

1 Year Employment Opportunity for Neurodivergent in our Business Service Centre and Coffee Shop

Duration 3 Jan 2022 - 3 Jan 2023 Area Steps Community

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Steps is a social enterprise which provides training and employment opportunities for the neurodivergent community. We provide appropriate hands-on vocational training opportunities for neurodivergent youth through UK accredited life-skill and work-skill training programmes. Our job coaches help to recreate typical working environments in our training centres so our trainees can generalise their skills. Trainees receive work-skills and transferable skills that can be applied in any career path i.e. problem solving, team work, communication or decision making, which are highly beneficial in employment.

Our Coffee Shops offer hospitality training opportunities to trainees including specialised training from professionals in fields such as chef, bakery, customer service, and barista. All on the job learning is facilitated by our job coaches and experts; Occupational Therapists, Psychologist and Speech Therapist.

We see that our coffee shops are a great opportunity to enhance our trainees’ social skills with customers and staff as well as a platform to raise awareness of neurodiversity to the wider community. The more customers that visit us, the faster the negative attitudes towards the neurodivergent will be improved. In the end, this will eventually lead to creating a real inclusive society.

In addition, we have our partner companies who we work with to provide the know-how to create an inclusive workplace to ensure sustainable employment. This includes the development of an internship programme where our trainees are employed after graduation. Our job coaches work with employers to facilitate the smooth transition into employment for both the trainee and the company.

Finally, our project also employs neurodivergent graduates and non graduates in house within our Coffee Shops and our Business Service Centre. The Coffee Shops offer a range of positions and the Business Centre manages outsourced digital documents and back office admin for companies.


Due to the lack of access to education and negative attitudes towards employing people with disabilities, offering relevant and appropriate vocational training and empowering employers with our expertise can provide sustainable employment outcomes. Seeing people with disabilities in the workplace being valuable is the first step to changing negative perceptions. The project aims to employ trainees who have been through our scholarship programmes which are sponsored by our partnership companies. In 2022, 6 graduates will be employed in either our business service centre or our coffee shops.

The barriers to employment PWD include:

  1. Lack of the accessibility in appropriate training/ education programme.
  2. Employers have difficulties recruiting qualified PWD.
  3. Lack of awareness and knowledge of PWD.
  4. The negative attitude towards PWD and neurodivergence in employability, equality in society and are those who need assistance.

The impacts of these barriers include:

  1. PWD and neurodivergent community have not been recognised as valuable members in society as they have been given little opportunity to show their capability in society and economic values in job market
  2. The Persons with Disabilities Quality of Life Promotion Act BE 2555 requires companies and organisations to hire one person with a disability for every 100 people. However many companies choose to pay the fine as they do not recognise people with disabilities as having the ability to develop and grow in employment. According to the latest report of the Department of Empowerment of People with disabilities, more than 62% of PWD (527,000 people) of working age are employable but remain unemployed.
  3. The inability to create a true inclusive society. This is an important foundation for building a society that respects and honours equality.

Process of project

  1. Selection of scholarship trainees who want to work.
  2. Trainees begin hands-on training so they learn from real work experiences.
  3. Transition graduates to paid employment in our partner companies

PWD receive work training and are employed in suitable working environments, leading to sustainable employment and stable income.

Person in charge

Theeta Hotrakitya - Founder

Sasipha Minchainant - Head of Steps Training Centres


Budget plan

No. Discription Unit Amount (Baht)
1 Employment Salary for Neurodivergent for 1 full-time employee and 5 part-time employees for 12 months ( 1 year) 6 persons 318,181.82
Fundraising amount
Taejai's Fee (10%)


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Employment for Neurodivergents in digital document manager and coffee shop positions

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