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Build a new habitat for old elephants “Boon Chu”

Boon Chu has weak feet and hind legs. due to the problem of heavy labor by humans and with increasing age, walking, movement slower than usual, poor eyesight, in order for Boon Chu to have a better life at the end of his life is therefore the origin of the project Build an "Old Elephant habitats for Boon Chu”

Duration 01 มิ.ย. 2566 ถึง 01 ม.ค. 2567 Area ระบุพื้นที่: ตำบลสันป่ายาง อำเภอแม่แตง จังหวัดเชียงใหม่

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Elephants have long lifespans like humans. Some can live up to 98 years. At present, the number of old or retired elephants in Thailand tends to be higher. As these elephants get older, their health deteriorates even more. For this reason, old elephants are unable to work normally, hence the name. "Retired elephants", some of which in the end are not well taken care of. As a result, those elephants live in hardship until they die. One of them is "Boon Chu" to create a better well-being in the last life of Boon Chu. Boon Chu has health problems as follows:
Boon Chu, female, 41 years old, is an elephant under the care of the Elephant Sanctuary Asian Foundation. At present, she has health problems, both internal and external as follows:
Eating problems 
Eating problems Because Boon Chu is very old Causing Chu's teeth to fall out. only a few teeth left for chewing food Causing Chu to chew food more slowly than usual and special care is required when feeding delicate foods.
Vision problems

Boon Chu has impaired vision due to blurred eyes, which are like human cataracts and cannot be treated. Currently, only 60% of visibility is available.
Walking problems 
Boon Chu has weak feet and hind legs. due to the problem of heavy labor by humans and with increasing age, the walking and movement of Boon Chu is slower than usual.
Psychological problems
Boon Chu also has a habit that does not like humans. Because human labor also being beaten Until thanking that humans are not friends Therefore, the foundation Therefore, it is necessary to build a close relationship with Pang Boon Chu every day. In order for Pang Boon Chu to come back to love and understand humans again, that's the origin of this project. Established by Elephant Sanctuary Asian Foundation.
Elephant Sanctuary Asian Foundation will be built to serve as a home for old elephants. Using construction materials that are efficient, stable, strong, have wider doors than usual for easy transport in the case of transporting sick elderly elephants to the hospital. There is a lower stall to allow the elderly elephants to see the natural scenery for good mental health. Provide shelter for food storage and clean drinking water ponds. Including managing the water system, electricity system and CCTV system for viewing the elderly elephant in case of falling ill. At present, there is no prototype of the old elephant home. The Asian Elephant Conservation Foundation will be the first to be established. To serve as a model for elephant camps where old elephants have been able to improve the well-being of these elephants. to conserve and maintain Thai elephants

Project Implementation Process

    1. The foundation selects old elephants to live in. In which this project will build a house for Phang Boon Chu first. and a model for the next generation of old elephant homes.
    2. Analyze the cost for building a nursing home for elephants Including other factors necessary for elephants such as food, medicine (in case the elephant is sick), necessary equipment (such as a grass cutter large mattress, leg rests, etc. for disabled elephants)
    3. Raising funds through Taejai.
    4. Procurement, hiring technicians for the construction of old elephant homes in the area of ​​Mae Taeng District to distribute income to the community
    5. Construction of the old elephant home and inspect the construction at every stage for to get an effective home for old elephants stable.
    6. Summary of the performance of the model house to develop for the elderly elephant home in the next Order.


    Budget plan

    Number List Quantity Amount (Baht)
    1 construction worker wages 56,000.00
    2 Steel 3*1.5 24  24,000.00
    3 Cement 70  9,100.00
    4 Sand 6,000.00
    5 Stone 10,800.00
    6Metal sheet 7 meters 40  36,400.00
    7 welding wire 1,400.00
    8 C-shaped steel 80 104,000.00
    9 Cold Drawn Bar 2 40,000.00
    10 large mattress for elephants 46,000.00
    11 grass cutter 1 12,000.00
    12 Water tank 600 liters 1 2,500.00
    13 Water piping system laying PVC 1 3,000.00
    14 electrical system 1 5,000.00
    15 CCTV system 4 6,500.00
    Fee (10%)

    Total balance