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Fly On Program (2nd Year): Scholarships supporting 630 underprivileged children through middle school

630 promising, yet underprivileged children in Northern Thailand are at risk of dropping out of school due to financial limitations. Yuvabadhana Foundation and Thai Young Philanthropist Net Work (TYPN) would like to invite you to give the gift of education by contributing to their scholarships so they can continue on and complete their middle school. Help them “fly on” to be able to support themselves, their families, and become contributing members of society.

Duration 2 Years Area Thailand

Current donation amount

6,615,000 THB


6,615,000 THB
ดำเนินการไปแล้ว 100%
จำนวนผู้บริจาค 1,159


Give the best gift of them all. Give future. Give education.

Covid-19 and its economic impact took a harder toll on underprivileged families, especially in developing countries. With household income less than THB 3,000/ month ($100/month) or complete loss of jobs and financial stability, these families in Northern Thailand are struggling to make ends meet. Completing basic education for these children is no longer affordable, but rather a luxury. A fainted dream.

Without support, these children will have no choice but to drop out of school and enter minimum-wage workforce in order to support themselves and families. The doors to advance themselves so their families can break the poverty cycle become shut. Their wings clipped.

But YOU can change that.

With the generosity of kinds donors and volunteers last year, Fly On Program were able to support the education of 530 youth through the final semester of Grade 7 and and first semester of Grade 8. This year, we are determined to continue with the mission.

With just three semesters left, you can help support these promising children through middle school. All it takes is each of us contributing whatever we can towards their tuition. Collectively, every THB 10,500 (USD 350) will help send one child through the completion of middle school. The doors that will be open to their future are changed forever.

Program Objectives:

  1. To narrow economic inequality gap by providing opportunities to underprivileged students to continue basic education.
  2. To provide opportunities for the youth and families to break the poverty cycles and pay it forward in supporting education of future generations.
  3. To equip student with knowledge and skills in order for them to become quality contributing members of society.


  1. All the funds raised will go directly towards the tuition of underprivileged students under care of Yuvabadhana Foundation. Each eligible student will receive a scholarship of THB 10,500 ($350) to towards the tuition for second semester of Grade 8 and both semesters of Grade 9 ($117 per semester).
  2. The initial target of 530 students in 64 schools and 28 provinces has expanded to include an additional 100 students (20 in Chiang Rai province and 80 in Chiangmai province, whose economic conditions were disproportionately hard-hit by Covid-19.
  3. Each eligible family must show commitment to support the student through basic education. They have also proven to pass Proxy Mean Test according to Equitable Education Research Institute (EEFI) and earn less than THB 3,000 of income per month.
  4. In the case that any student decide to drop out of school before completion of Grade 9, another student will be selected to receive the scholarship instead. 


About Yuvabadhana Foundation 
Yuvabadhana Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1993 with a focus on creating opportunities and improving education for the underprivileged youth in Thailand through cooperation and participation of people in society. As of August 2020, the foundation has been supporting basic education of over 9,300 students.