project สัตว์ สิ่งแวดล้อม

Belly fulled Happy filled

There is a lack of food crisis for elephants as a result of the unavoidable economic issues that many elephant camps are facing. Due to this need, Asian Elephant Conservation Foundation is inviting people for donations from everyone to buy bananas and corn to feed the elephants in 30 elephant camps as well as support the farmers.

Duration 15 Dec 2022 - 15 Mar 2023 Area ChiangMai

Current donation amount

177,388 THB


429,000 THB
ดำเนินการไปแล้ว 41%
จำนวนผู้บริจาค 219


Social problems and solutions

Many elephants in camps are currently unemployed due to the Covid-19 crisis, which has caused a food shortage in many elephant camps in northern Thailand. This crisis directly impacts the health issues associated with malnutrition in elephants. In addition, a lot of elephants died during this crisis. Even though several elephant camps are trying to provide food for them, there is still not enough for their needs because each elephant needs more than 200 kg of food per day. Additionally, the farmers’ productivity such as corn, bananas, and sugar cane, are unsold, so it rots wastefully.

Thus, this is the beginning of the "Belly fulled Happy filled" project by the Elephant Sanctuary Asia Foundation and the Northern Peasant Federation, which purchases products from farmers who are having trouble selling products. The foundation will pick and buy products to help farmers and deliver them to several northern elephant camps in Thailand for six months until the dry season.

Owner Project


Budget plan

No.List Quantity Amount (Baht)
1 Buy bananas from farmers at 7 baht per bunch, Total 30,000 bunches and provide to 30 camps 1,000 bunches per camp 30 Camps 210,000.00
2 Buy sugarcanes from farmers at 6 baht per piece, Total 20,000 pieces and provide to 30 camps 1,000 pieces per camp 30 Camps 120,000.00
3 Transition fees to the 30 camps in Northern of Thailand 2,000 baht per round 30 rounds 60,000.00
Total amount 
TaeJai fees  (10%)