project Covid-19 กลุ่มคนเปราะบาง ภัยพิบัติ

Helping the vulnerable groups across Thailand during COVID-19 in 2021

Donate to fund 1.) Care Package for seniors, low-income families, refugees and people in need. 2.) Meals for the homeless 3.) Front-liners & Emergency fund

Duration 1 Year Area Thailand

Current donation amount

1,869,124 THB


2,000,000 THB
ดำเนินการไปแล้ว 93%
จำนวนผู้บริจาค 1,070


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4 February 2021
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Many people aren’t lucky enough to have a home or a family to take care of them and are struggling to get by.


COVID Thailand Aid is a group of 480+ volunteers, We are Thais and expats, young and old, joining together with a common mission to help. 

Update of 2020:
In 2020, we raised 3 million baht and helped 88,400 people in total, surpassing our goal to help 30,000 people over 3 times. 100% of the money donated went to helping people.


  1. Care package: elderly people, individuals with disabilities, the homeless, low-income families, refugees and anyone in need.
  2. Meals: homeless and jobless individuals.
  3. Emergency fund: professionals on the front-line and people in need of desperate help like flood victims.
  4. Helping community centers so that children of unemployed parents in rural areas.


12 months of work throughout Thailand

1.) Essential Aid = 1.8 million baht
150,000 baht per month which would fund:

  • Care packages (250 baht per family)
  • Hot meals (30 baht/ meal)
  • Educational materials at community centers for children with unemployed parents in rural areas.

Care packages : include dry food, general medicine, and hygiene products. We work with the community leaders to provide specific things that the community desperately need. Not one are the same.

Any non-monetary donation we receive will be given as additional items in the care packages.

Photo of what a care package looks like

2.) Front-liners & Emergency fund
200,000 baht budget

  • Helping flood victims in the upcountry.
  • Face masks and hand sanitizers for very poor communities.
  • For specific cases. For example, an elderly woman at bedrest may desperately need help to pay medical bills or a specific medication.

As we raise the donations, we fund the activities on a daily basis and report our updates via our Facebook page and group.


We are a volunteer-run organization. All the funds we raise will go directly towards the cause.

  • All donations go towards the cause, not paying salaries
  • We provide help across Thailand, not just Bangkok
  • We help many vulnerable groups, not just one
  • We’re small and agile: we match with our volunteers to try to help that same day 


We provide help all across Thailand. Last year we helped in 37 provinces even in areas that are very difficult to access. We go whenever help is needed.


See our previous work at our Facebook group: Covid Thailand Aid 

Follow progress of COVID Thailand Aid

4 February 2021

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Budget plan

DescriptionUnitUnit (Baht)

1.To fund 12 months of work: 150,000 per month to fund:

  • Care packages ((250 baht per family): include dry food, general medicine, and hygiene products.
  • Meals (30 baht/ meal) for the homeless and unemployed. 



2. Emergency fund for frontliners

Operating expenses to 10%
(online system, banking and payment gateway fees, screening, testing, monitoring and reporting progress)