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Be a part of UNICEF’s global effort to make miracles happen by donating the BOX OF LIFE to help save and protect children.

Duration 2 Months Area Nationwide and globally

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300,000 THB
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UNICEF NextGen is a global UNICEF initiative which brings a diverse group of young professionals through education, advocacy, skill sharing, networking and fundraising to help improve the lives of vulnerable children in Thailand and worldwide.

NextGen supports UNICEF Thailand to raise awareness about children’s issues.

During this joyful time of the year, children are waiting for their gift.

But millions of children are left waiting, too. Waiting for the "gift" that is... "opportunity.”

Opportunity... to access safe water and nutrition.

Opportunity... to receive quality healthcare.

Opportunity... to stay warm.

Opportunity... for children in Thailand to access quality education.

Together with UNICEF NextGen, let’s give the gift of opportunity, as it’s the best gift for children in Thailand and around the world.

Be a part of UNICEF’s global effort to make miracles happen this New Year by donating the BOX OF LIFE to help save and protect children. Every day, UNICEF works tirelessly to deliver life-saving supplies to children where they are needed the most. Your 750 THB donation will give different gifts of opportunity to build a better life for children.

It is our core purpose to meet the pressing and actual needs of children. In some circumstances, we may need to replace items with other essential items that are needed to save children’s lives in Thailand and around the world. Please be assured that your contribution will make a difference.

Donate two boxes or 1,500 ฺBaht to get a limited Teddy Blu Lunch Box, a symbol of LIFE and HOPE.
* The Teddy Blu Lunch Box is made-to-order, you will receive it after the end of our campaign, approximately by March 2021. 

* I would like the Teddy Blu Lunch Box and agree to share my personal information with UNICEF so that UNICEF can send the lunch box and information to me about the great work UNICEF is doing to help children around the world and my support can help.

* If you do not want the Teddy Blu Lunch Box and not agree to share your personal information with UNICEF, please email us at


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