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Aquatic animal mobile clinic

Aquatic animal mobile clinic project is aiming to increase efficiency of fieldwork specialists in saving lives of aquatic animals.

Duration 1 เดือน Area Thailand

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In a life threatening situations or in an emergency every second is of great importance. In Thailand there are many organizations that are responsible of aquatic animal conservation and preservation. In order to achieving their goals, fieldwork team are working hard to save lives of injured aquatic animals. Transportation and long journey to a nearby Aquatic animal Research Center often cause the sick animals even more stress which can be life-threatening.

Let’s look at the case of Rosie – the female Shark Ray (IUCN Red List: Critically Endangered) which was found sick and was treated at the aquatic research center until she recovered and was waiting for her release in a quarantine pond. Unfortunately a few days before her release, there was a downpour. The heavy rain caused hyposalinity in Rosie’s pond and it had taken her life.

Human impacts from fishery, tourism and etc result in increasing number of injured aquatic animals in Thailand including dugong, dolphin, sea-turtle and many more. Your support can save lives and conserve the invaluable natural resource of Thailand.

The Veterinary Medical Aquatic Animal Research Center (VMARC), Chulalongkorn University, Thailand awaits your support! Your contribution will be turned into life-saving equipment necessary for aquatic animals. The Aquatic Animal Mobile Clinic will be equipped with: air generator, body temperature reader, water pump, portable pool and cover, water filtration, heat exchanger, underwater stethoscope and medicines.

Aquatic Animal Mobile Clinic is managed by the Veterinary Medical Aquatic animal Research Center (VMARC), Faculty of Veterinary Science Chulalongkorn University


Budget plan

1.Aquatic mobile clinic (1 car)1,500,000
2.Air generator 40,000
3.Body temperature reader  30,000
4.Water pump  (2 x 15,000 Baht)30,000
5.portable pool  + cover95,000
6.Water filtration  (3 x 20,000 Baht)60,000
7.Heat exchanger 30,000
8.Underwater stethoscope 20,000
9.Water test kit   250,000 
10.Blood chemistry machine   450,000 
11.Taejai management fee250,500

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Aquatic animal mobile clinic

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