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Dormitories for Kids in remote regions of Thailand

In order to meet the needs of children in remote parts of Thailand, and help them overcome some of the obstacles they face, the project consists of building 3 dormitories for schools in remote parts of Thailand, namely: Bahn Ba Dueng School, Wiengpa Bao, Chiangrai, Mae Surin Noi School, Kun Yuwam, Mae Hong Son, and Bahn Umda Nua, Sobmoei, Mae Hong Son, as well as establishing bicycle distribution points, enabling children from the surrounding areas to bike to school.

Duration 5 months Area Mae Hong Son, Chiangrai, Sa Kaeo

Current donation amount

101,200 THB


1,190,200 THB
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93 days left จำนวนผู้บริจาค 41

Sing For Charity project 2020 is a gathering of Chula class mates from the class of 72, as well as classmates from Assumption, from the class of 69-71, along with Living Centre Co. Ltd, the founder of which has dedicated his time to making a difference in society and helping those in need through arranging activities to raise support for the building of the new dormitories, as well as supplying bicycles for those who have to travel for many hours to reach school. In addition, this project includes scholarships for the children to buy basic necessities, school supplies, and books, so that these children in remote parts of Chiang Rai, Chieng Mai, Mae Hong Son, and Sa Kaeo, can receive the support that they need.

Working together with iCare Thailand Foundation, a Foundation devoted to helping children in need in Thailand, countless cases have been uncovered where children have little or no access to education, compared to the ease of access children in Bangkok and the larger provinces have. Because of numerous obstacles, such as the remoteness of their villages, the children who are committed to going to school have to walk up and down the mountainous countryside for many hours, impacting their education and general wellbeing.

Education is the key that will unlock the door to permanent change. In order to enable this, our goal is to reduce the obstacles hindering the children from receiving an education, namely that of travelling to school through the setting up of dormitories in 3 locations, as well as establishing bicycle stations in 3 locations, in order to make it easier for children to travel to and from school. The three locations we’ll be establishing dormitories are as follows:

1. Bahn Ba Dueng School, Wiengpa Bao, Chiang Rai. This includes renovating the existing dormitory to increase the capacity so an additional 10 students can attend school.

2. Mae Surin Noi School, Khun Yuwam Educational District, Mae Hong Son Province, currently the children have to walk between 3-8 km over a large mountain to reach school.

3. Bahn Um Da Nua, Sop Muei District, Mae Hong Son

Bicycle Distribution Project in 3 locations

For those students who don’t live in the farthest villages, and are not eligible for a place in the dormitories, the bike to school project enables children to access bicycles for the daily commute to and from school. Each 16 speed mountain bike costs 2,100 baht. The bicycles will be available in 3 clusters:

1. Doi Wiengpa Pittayakom School, Wiengpa Bao District, Chiang Rai, 15 bicycles

2. Bahn Mae Surin Khun Yuwam district, Mae Hong Son, 70 bicycles

3. Sub Muang Witaya School, Da Phraya district, Sa Kaeo 35 bicycles

Project implementation plan/ Fundraising plan

  1. Arrange activities, such as singing for fundraising, or record video clips asking for support
  2. Drawing art to be auctioned
  3. Arrange other activities to help raise support
  4. Donate funds raised
  5. Participate in the hand over of the new dormitories, as well as the bicycles

Project benefits:

  • Give your friends a chance in helping those in need in society, and making education for those in need possible
  • Giving under privileged children a chance for a better future through education
  • Lessening the burden of the public sector through your support
  • Using your time for a meaningful cause, particularly those who are retired.

Project Owner

  • Friends from the class of CU 15 (Chula graduates who entered university 2515)
  • Assumption classmates (2512-2514) Engineering faculty of Chula class 56 (2515)
  • Employees of Living Center Co. Ltd.

Project implementation:

ICareThailand foundation


Budget plan

Item amountBaht
1.Build a dormitory for Bahn Mae Surin Noi School, Khun Yuwam District, Mae Hong Son, 12m x 8m for 16 children1350,000
2.Dormitory for Bahn Um Da Nua, Sop Moei, Mae Hong Son province1300,000

3.Renovate the existing icare Thailand Foundation Dormitory at Bahn Ba Dueng School, including replacing the beds, renovating the roof, doors, windows, for 30 students

4.Bicycle purchase 2,100 baht per unit120252,000 
5.Taejai administration fee 

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Dormitories for Kids in remote regions of Thailand

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